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Boundary Bootcamp Course

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Setting and Keeping Boundaries with the Narcissist in Your Life

This Course in a Nutshell

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I know I did the right thing by setting boundaries, or going low or no contact with the narcissist in my life, I just feel so guilty about it like I did something wrong and maybe I was too harsh or I made a mistake?”

Or maybe you’re still trying to set that first boundary in general, but you can’t muster up the courage to put yourself first. Or maybe you set the boundary, but you've unwittingly been thrown into the guilt trip from hell and now you’re overthinking everything.

Does this sound familiar?

✅ No matter how nicely you try and speak your truth

✅ No matter how much you logically know you are doing the right thing

✅ No matter how much evidence you've collected that yes it's time to prioritize your peace and sanity

✅ No matter how nicely, aggressively, or neutrally you try to communicate your boundary

✅ just can't seem to make the narcissist understand where you're coming from when they tell you how much of a horrible person you are for having the audacity to prioritize your mental health? ​

Maybe you just can't seem to muster up the courage or strength, or whatever it is you're supposed to muster up because no one teaches us this stuff, to effectively set and/or keep boundaries with the narcissist in your life?

Maybe you do set the boundary, but you second guess yourself all the time because you feel like maybe just maybe there’s some shred of truth to the nonsense about how much of a horrible person you are that the narcissist is saying to you? (Or maybe you're no contact and have been discarded, so you think something is wrong with you, and now your own inner critic is telling you this nonsense!)

Or maybe it’s not the narcissist or one specific situation at all, but you’ve dealt with narcissistic abuse for a significant period of time and now your inner critic seems to sound just like the abuser you cut out of your life.

If any of this sounds like you, I get you.

I was you, and I can confidently tell you that you don't have to walk on eggshells for the foreseeable future. I want to show you my methodology on how to set and keep boundaries with the narcissist in your life no matter how they react, so you can actually put yourself first and live life on your own terms! This is exactly why I created this course!

Course Overview

  • MODULE 1: Boundaries 101 - What They Are and Why You Need Them!
  • In the first module, you'll learn all about what boundaries are and why they're so important to have if you are dealing with a narcissist (whether that's a significant other, parent, coworker - whoever!)
  • MODULE 2: Understanding + Outsmarting the Narcissist
  • In order to really implement your boundaries, you need to know what to expect and how to deal with it. You'll learn all about how narcissists try to manipulate you into breaking your boundaries, and how to outsmart them before it even gets to that point.
  • MODULE 3: Deconstructing Your Limiting Beliefs Around Boundaries
  • This module is where we do more inner work and really challenge limiting beliefs when it comes to setting boundaries. These limiting beliefs can range from believing you're selfish or a bad person for putting yourself first, believing there might be hope that the narcissist will suddenly come around and understand the pain they've caused you and then maybe you won't have to set that boundary after all, and more.
  • MODULE 4: Keeping Your Boundaries Once Set (No Matter What!)
  • The final module is all about how to implement everything you already learned to ensure you stick to your boundaries once set. You'll also learn how to keep implementing the inner work moving forward!

This course isn't about training you to be a robot who doesn't react. I'm passionate that you don't have to play the role of the "nice" person in order to keep the peace, nor do you need to be someone who you're not. In this bootcamp, you'll learn how to work WITH your empathy and your humanity so you can set and keep those boundaries without feeling guilty.

You'll learn how to deal with your emotions of guilt, shame, fear, and that sense of obligation that was conditioned into you by an abusive manipulator through no fault of your own. You'll also be able to set those boundaries with confidence and the ability to trust yourself that you are, in fact, doing the right thing by prioritizing YOUR SANITY.

Are you ready to take back control of your life, sanity, energy, time, and resources? Sign up today!


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Course content

videoWelcome ModuleFree
videoModule 1 part 1 of 2: What are boundaries and why they're essential when you're dealing with a narc Start
videoModule 1 part 2 of 2: The role emotions play in setting/keeping boundaries - spotlight on guilt Start
videoModule 1 Workbook Start
videoJournaling GuideFree
videoWhen Emotions Feel Unsafe Guide Start
videoModule 2 part 1 of 3: How narcissists function, the cycle of abuse, how they weaponize boundaries Start
videoModule 2 part 2 of 3: Manipulation tactics to be aware of Start
videoModule 2 part 3/3: Dealing with the narc's tantrum+outsmarting them, plus how to deal w/enablers Start
videoModule 2 Workbook Start
videoModule 3 part 1 of 2: The role guilt, fear, and shame play in making setting boundaries difficult Start
videoModule 3 part 2 of 2: Emotions, the mindbody connection, and how to release emotions safely Start
videoModule 3 Workbook Start
videoAdditional Mindbody Connection ResourcesFree
videoModule 4 part 1/3: How to communicate your boundaries to a narcissistic abuser while staying sane Start
videoModule 4 part 2/3: Dealing with the narc's reaction, plus enablers+others who don't get it Start
videoPart 3/3: Consequences to boundary violations, keeping boundaries, re-setting boundaries if you backed out Start
videoModule 4 Workbook Start
Adriana Bucci

Adriana Bucci

Life coach

Course Instructor

Hey! I'm Adriana, founder of Let's Get Your Shift Together. After nearly 3 decades of enduring narcissistic abuse and 4 years of dealing with severe chronic pain - I had to make the choice to embark on my own healing journey.

Doing my inner work not only helped me heal from the physical pain I went through, but it also helped me heal from the narcissistic abuse I endured from being raised by a narcissistic mother, other close relationships, and even colleagues/toxic workplaces (they were everywhere!).

My own healing journey inspired me to become a life coach so I could help other people. My certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach
  • Certified Stress Management coach
  • Certified SafeSpace Facilitator

My goal is to empower adult children of narcissistic parents to heal, set boundaries, and live life on their own terms!

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