I was raised by a narcissist, WTF do I do!?

I was raised by a narcissist, WTF do I do!?

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This Guidebook in a Nutshell:

Realizing you were raised by a narcissistic parent is truly one of the biggest rollercoasters anyone could go through - I have been there myself and know it all too well. The denial, the devastation, the validation when it all began to make sense and I realized I wasn't crazy followed by guilt and then back to denial only to be reminded in every interaction the manipulation tactics were happening in real time. After going through my own healing journey and coaching hundreds of clients to heal from parental narcissistic abuse, I've created this guidebook!

This guidebook is for you if

You are an adult child of a narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, or toxic parent (or parents) who is:

✅ Wanting to start their healing journey but hav no idea how to get started;
✅ Looking for some tried-and-true basic guidance to stay grounded in reality while coming to terms with this and how unbelievable it all is;
✅ Looking for tools to handle the inevitable, seemingly never-ending rollercoaster of emotions.

What's Inside

This guidebook covers the following over 4 weeks:

  • Week 1: coming to terms with the truth, educational information on narcissistic parents, the mindbody connection, and how your emotions were used against you so your parent could gain control over you.
  • Week 2: daily reflection exercises to help you come to a point of acceptance of who your parent really is, and keep you grounded in reality over narratives.
  • Week 3: letting go of the past, coming to terms with your repressed emotions, and an introduction on releasing them.
  • Week 4: determining your boundaries, whether to go low or no contact, and how to be okay with whichever choice you make. 
  • Bonus guilt guide!

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