Free training for adult children of narcissistic parents

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Free training for adult children of narcissistic parents

About Course

This Free Training in a Nutshell:

This is a free, hour long training video for adult children of narcissistic parents.


Who this training is for:

This free training is for you if:

✅You’re an adult child of a narcissistic, emotionally unavailable, or toxic parent (or parents!) 

✅ You’ve set boundaries, or even already went low or no contact with your family of origin, but can’t seem to shake that guilt off

✅ Your concerns have been dismissed “BeCaUsE tHaT’s YoUr MoThEr”

✅ You haven’t even started setting boundaries for any of these reasons:

  • Fear of retaliation, a smear campaign, being judged, guilted, or shamed
  • You go back and forth thinking it “wasn’t that bad” and you believe you’re just being overly dramatic, or you’re too sensitive
  • You believe you were a “bad kid” and now you “owe” your parent
  • You feel obligated to maintain the family’s “image”
  • You’ve been gaslit by therapists, coaches, or any other “professionals” who not only have never experienced parental narcissistic abuse, but also didn’t bother to do any research on it so they could actually help you

✅ Were thrust into the role of being your parent’s emotional caregiver as a child

✅ You feel invisible

✅ You’re tired of feeling stuck/frozen/numb

✅ You just want to live your life without caring what your family of origin has to say

✅ Your experience has been largely misunderstood by mainstream society, and you want actual, useful, tips to deal with being the family scapegoat

Course content

video5 tips to stop gaslighting yourself
videoGrab the 4-week self-coaching guidebook here
Adriana Bucci

Adriana Bucci

Life coach

Course Instructor

Hey! I'm Adriana, founder of Let's Get Your Shift Together. After nearly 3 decades of enduring narcissistic abuse and 4 years of dealing with severe chronic pain - I had to make the choice to embark on my own healing journey.

Doing my inner work not only helped me heal from the physical pain I went through, but it also helped me heal from the narcissistic abuse I endured from being raised by a narcissistic mother, other close relationships, and even colleagues/toxic workplaces (they were everywhere!).

My own healing journey inspired me to become a life coach so I could help other people. My certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Mind Body Fitness Coach
  • Certified Stress Management coach
  • Certified SafeSpace Facilitator

My goal is to empower adult children of narcissistic parents to heal, set boundaries, and live life on their own terms!

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